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Frozen Pipe Repair

Frozen Pipe Repair Services

Signs that your pipes may be frozen.


If the weather is harsh, there's a good chance you have frozen pipes. Don't waste time trying to handle repairs on your own when a skilled plumber can provide thorough and effective frozen pipe repair services the greater Evansville, Newburgh & surrounding IN areas.

If you notice things like...

  • Restricted water flow

  • A complete loss of water

  • Frost-covered pipes

  • Distorted or damaged pipes

  • Obvious leaks or cracks

... you'll more than likely have frozen pipes in your home. If you do, you should turn off your water immediately and drain any remaining water from the pipes to prevent leaks.

To avoid frozen pipes...

  • Take outside hoses off faucets

  • Leave faucet with a light drop to help prevent frozen pipes inside

  • Keep cabinet doors open under your sinks

  • Ensure crawl space doors are closed to prevent cold air getting to the pipes

...follow these instructions and you will be in less need for repairs.

Frozen Pipe - Bayer's Plumbing, Inc.
Frozen Pipe - Bayer's Plumbing, Inc.

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